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ABC has another hit show on its hands with the decadent soapy drama “Nashville.” The series offers up glitzy country stars — and their deceptive pasts — living Faith Hill-like existences in the South’s hottest city. Episodes are chock full of original catchy tracks, which have become instant hits on iTunes. And then there’s the behind-the-scenes deals to keep a fading songstress’s stardom alive, while young ingenues seeking to make it big in the country music biz are hopeful with “just livin’ my dreams” character plots.

However, there’s another star of the mega-watt show — and that’s Nashville itself. The city and its surroundings are integral to the look and feel of the series. Melding a must-experience destination like Nashville and a successful show with the same moniker means viewers looking to visit Music City in person can experience film locations just like a true Nashville star.

Ya’ll might remember the scene where Rayna and Deacon walk along the bridge, discussing their entangled past as more than just singer-songwriters touring together. That scene took place at Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge over the Cumberland River, with a perfect vantage point to spy the city skyline from across the water.

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