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Always an early adapter to all things technology, Stefanie Michaels interest in computers and the internet started in the early 90’s, well before the likes of ICANN and Network Solutions reshaped the world of websites.

In those nascent Internet years, Michaels collaborated with a technology team in the Silicon Valley, launching one of the first 1500 commercial websites online, Travel Partners. The idea was simple, bringing her real life fans together in the online world and granting them wishes to travel with her via online contests—her first contest garnering 500,000 unique applications to join “Adventure Girl” and her film crew to Hawaii.

Utilizing new online technology, Michaels’ site was one of the first to add small snippets of sound, images and 5 second videos from location. Michaels’ says, “I was vlogging and blogging before it was even called that!”

Today,, and its hostess and travel expert, Stefanie Michaels aka Adventure Girl is known around the globe for delivering information in the world of lifestyle advice, travel tips and technology on the go.

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